Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Orc Riding Beast

It has been a few years...

Since the first time I saw the riding beasts from Fraser Gray and Michael Immig in White Dwarf all these years ago I wanted to paint one of these fantasy war elephant iterations. Sadly the first two attempts failed due to ill planning in the painting department. That did´t stop me from hoarding all kind of bits for fantasy beasts, howdahs and vicious crew members.

When I finally came around to the the third attempt I had accumulated enough parts for three different beast and passengers. There was no failing this time and so of all the different parts I settled for that combination which held the biggest opportunity for failure- a crappily cast Prince August Myrmidon, a finceast gobbla that lived up to its reputation and an early 80s siege tower. All needed excessive sanding and resculpting as did the orc crew that had nasty mold lines running down their faces.

Finally paint got involved and the airbrush did for the beasts skin. I tried to go for a limited palette of colors with mostly yellow, black and reddish tones. A combination of colors that have turned out to be my favorite over the last two years since I picked up the brush again.


Asslessman said...

Absolutely stunning work here, I love everything about it. the choice of colours and execution are perfect.
This is what it's all about for me.

Anonymous said...

Really exceptional work, I love it.
What did you use for the beast body? I recognise Gobbla's mouth, but not the rest.